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Nigerians Blast Yul Edochie After Actor Stated That Polygamy Is A Blessing

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Popular Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie, who is the son of veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, have come under severe criticism on social media after he stated that polygamy is a blessing to him.

African Examiner writes that Yul Edochie took to his Instagram account on Thursday saying that polygamy brought him blessings and elevated his two wives, May and Judy.

Yul said, “God works in mysterious ways. Marrying a second wife has brought me blessings and also elevated my two lovely wives.

“Sometimes it takes the things we see as disappointments to happen for elevation to come. It happened many times in the bible, just like the case of Joseph.

“I’m a man after God’s heart. I’m like King David in the bible. I communicate with my God and He guides me every day.

“I wronged my wife May from the way I went about it, and I have apologised to her sincerely from the bottom of my heart, but in the eyes of God ,things are different.”

“My wife, May, just signed her first endorsement deal. Something that never happened all these years. And this came from what many saw as a disappointment.

“I have realised that God’s ways are different. Many more deals will still come to her because she’s a wonderful person.

“So is my wife Judy. She has also been elevated. Now widely known, her career is bigger with a whole lot going for her as well.

“Let me not even talk about myself. My stardom has tripled. My name is being mentioned in places it never got to before. My children are blessed.”

This development has sparked social media reactions as some Nigerians took to their Twitter accounts describing the statement of the actor as insensitive. The

African Examiner captures some of their thoughts below:

@abbeyzahid writes: “If marrying all the single women in Nigeria will make Yul Edochie happy, please allow him. It’s Émilokàn season, let’s ensure it stays Enitafè transition. No distractions allowed ejoor.”

@Ochim_Victor writes: “Let Yul Edochie know that it isn’t our problem even if he decides to marry a hundred wives. So, he should stop telling us why he decided to rehearse stupidity.”

@AngelaMamaBoys writes: “Yul Edochie Is an all-round disappointment.Behind that deep baritone voice is a spoilt,apology for a man,a f*ck boy. Never judge the solidness of a man by a handsome appearance or an enticing voice.”

@GeniusUzoma writes: Yul Edochie You are disturbing National Peace… You dn tell us say U marry 2nd wife, No wahala!!! Nothing concern us again with your blessings… Keep it to yourself! Zuo Ike biko.”

@Ochim_Victor writes: “I tried not to talk about Yul Edochie, but coming across him on my tl always with fresh stupidity is what I don’t like. I hate when women are been treated like they don’t have opinion.”

@novieverest writes: “If you listen to Yul Edochie’s reason for marrying a second wife, you will just pity the first wife. “You need to combine different women to get the balance you need because they all bring different things to the table.” Will Yul Edochie let the women combine different men too?”

@Igbofirst writes: “Yul Edochie makes my blood boil! And his wife May, I just want to vigorously shake her shoulders! He is not the first married man to commit adultery or marry a second wife. Why is he always publicly embarrassing her? “She got an endorsement she hasn’t ever gotten before now”???”
Obianujuego writes: “So your adultery is what gave her an endorsement! How can she take this? Many men cheat and birth children outside their matrimonial home! He is not the first! Why is she allowing him post rubbish on his page? God I don’t ever want to love any man to that extent! Please.”

@Solomon_Buchi writes: Yul Edochie’s statement about marrying a second wife was totally incredulous. He mentioned that sometimes you need two women to find the balance you need. My question remains: did he let Mary, his first wife know that he would at any time marry a second wife.”

@RTiorichard writes: “YUL EDOCHIE thinks everyone is a fool, thinking he can sugar coat stupidity and we won’t notice…his serious voice makes him think we don’t see the foolishness behind each words…I can only imagine what the first wife is going through, wondering the story she was made to choose!”

@Nnestainless writes: “lmao, something within me always knew Yul Edochie wasn’t as solid as his voice. This guy right here was contesting for presidency, chaiii, I don laugh tire.”

@novieverest writes: “Summary of what Yul Edochie said. My wife was not enough. I needed so many other things she does not have, so I brought in someone that has those characteristics. It is best to keep quiet at times. That was a terrible defense.”

@scad_official writes: “Why is Yul Edochie even explaining? Not like we give a f#ck if he decides to pick a 4th wife.”

@Leeward_IK writes: “Yul Edochie is looking for attention tbvh. Posting back-to-back videos of himself & second wife couldn’t secure him the APGA presidential ticket. The dude doesn’t know what he really wants in this life.”

@iamObiii writes: “Yul Edochie’s gist is one of the most boring amongst everything happening in the country.”

@nnebeke1 writes: “Can Yul Edochie allow us rest. What’s up with this weekly explanation.”

@VivianAni8 writes: “Others are trending for good stuff, Yul Edochie is trending for stupid reason. His next movie will be, How To Marry Multiple Wives Without Stress.”

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