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Nigerians Criticize FG Over N1.14bn Donation To Niger Republic To Procure Vehicles

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The confirmation of the federal government that it donated N1.14 billion to the Republic of Niger to aid in the acquisition of some operational vehicles has continued to spark reactions.

African Examiner had earlier reported that the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed confirmed the purchase while fielding questions from reporters, shortly after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting presided over by the President, Muhammadu Buhari.

Justifying the funds, Zanaib noted that the President reserved the right to take decisions in the interest of Nigeria, insisting that “this was not the first time the country is providing such interventions to her neighbours.

“Let me just say that over time, Nigeria has had to support her neighbours, especially, the immediate neighbours to enhance their capacity to secure their countries as it relates to us. This is not the first time that Nigeria had assisted the Niger Republic, Cameroon, or Chad.

“The President makes an assessment as to what is required based on the request of their Presidents. Such requests are approved and interventions are provided.

“It is to enhance their capacity to protect their countries, as it relates to security and also to Nigeria.

“Nigerians have the right to ask questions, but also the President has the responsibility to make an assessment of what is in the best interest of the country and I cannot question the decision myself.

“I have said this is not the first time and that Nigeria as a country has provided intervention to our neighbours. It is in the best interest of Nigeria to do so.”

This development has sparked reactions on social media and African Examiner brings some of the views of Nigerians on Twitter as they reacted to the news.

@DavidHundeyin writes: “President @MBuhari over to you please. Kindly explain why you are expending scarce Nigerian public sector resources on your Nigerièn cousins, and in such a brazen manner that you dare to let it appear on official Budget Office documentation. Nigeria is waiting.”

@Oduduwat writes :Now they are asking questions wey we no fit answer. Is Buhari a Nigerian or a Nigerien? Please who get the answer?”

@henryshield writes: “Is Buhari a Nigerian or a Nigerien?”

@bonnypumping writes: “Nigerian Government has been developing Niger and has subjected Nigerian citizens to daily hardship. Is Buhari a Nigerian or a Nigerien? It won’t be well with anyone supporting another APC Aspirant who says he’ll continue with Buhari’s legacy.”

@firstladyship writes: “Railway to Maradi makes sense now! David Hundeyin just leaked a Letter showing clearly how Buhari approved N1.4 billion to buy vehicles for the government of Niger Republic. Buhari wastes scarce resources on his Nigerien cousins, but he won’t fund ASUU? WHO IS MUHAMMADU BUHARI??”

@Dann_10 writes: “She isn’t ashamed making this ridiculous statement. Talmbout based on request from Nigerien…& the gesture is in ‘s best interest. This has to Ment! Construct rail to Niger Construct roads to Niger Construct pipeline to Niger Signing MOU to build refinery with Niger…SMH!”

@Alaye_100 writes: “Buhari’s obsession with Niger has never been a secret.Instead of fixing our refineries, we have helped with theirs & want to refine there.A Nigerien arms dealer was said to abscond with about N200bn of our money,he is not in hiding.He is the Director of a company in Niamey today.”

@Fullness_101 writes: “President Buhari using Nigerian Tax payer’s money to buy Land cruiser for the Nigerien government without the due approval is an impeachable offence. What is our National Assembly doing?”

@ShedyBongo writes: “David painstakingly uncovered FG donation of SUVs to Nigerien government to fight insecurity and so many other stories in the past. He’s unarguably one of the best investigative journalist that does his job perfectly without fear and intimidation.”

@Shehusky writes: “We’ve been saying that Buhari is not a Nigerian. He’s a Nigerien. Buhari has been spending our commonwealth on Niger republic as exposed by David Hundeyin. We equally know that he got votes from Niger republic in 2015 & 2019 elections. The next government must ensure Buhari.”

@prince_ironsi writes: “Nigerian govt has been developing Niger and have subjected Nigerian citizens to daily hardship. Is Buhari a Nigerian or a Nigerien? It won’t be well with anyone supporting another aspirant who says he’ll continue with Buhari’s legacy.”

@GIDIBOYJUDE writes: “Most of you who are acting surprised that Buhari allocated money to Niger form a majority of the people who campaigned blindly for him without checking history. Buhari voted against a Nigerian for a Nigerien as the secretary general of the OAU in 1985. Don’t forget the rail too.”

@movicapparel writes: “A man who voted Nigerien ahead of a Nigerian when he was military head of state speaks so much. Nigeria can burn as long as Niger is okay.”

@prince_ironsi writes: “By now Buhari should have been on a panel to answer query how he spent 1.4b naira to purchase SUV for some Niger personalities. But those who’ll query Buhari are all corrupt. Is Buhari a Nigerian or a Nigerien? ASUU is still on strike. APC should be buried 2023 next election.”

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