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2014 USA Midterm Elections When Democrats Attempted to Do Without Obama

By Prof R.A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

On Tuesday November 4, 2014 many citizens of the United States of America, USA, trooped out to vote in many of its 50 States. Only about 40% turn out was recorded but the results gave the Republicans the control of the two legislative houses and making the Democrats losing the control of the Senate. By this feat the Republicans have apparently got what they have been looking for from Obama; give him a resounding defeat and make him look like a lame dog! Otherwise how do you explain it when we know that the USA economy is growing, new jobs are being created every month, and inflation is down? However the dog must be given a bad name so that it can be hang and killed for the sacrifice.

Everyone, including President Obama, has been running away for the America’s perceived real reasons on their attempting to distant themselves f

US President Barrack Obama

US President Barrack Obama

rom their own success under President Barak Obama. No one is putting on any glasses to look at the skin colour this time because they already know who President Obama is and what he could do. Each time Obama is to speak, no matter on what subject I still create time to listen to him. His is oratory, intelligent and all embracing in knowledge and physical health. He has been a successful story with audacity to run for another presidential term even in the face of seemingly overwhelming defeat at the 2014 midterm elections, the worst for either Republicans or the Democrats in 60 years. Yes Obama can still win and that possibility makes him vulnerable even in his own party.

The Democrats have created two parties for themselves in the same party; those who consider themselves as the Obama and those who think they are only Democrats but not to identify with Obama. The later stayed away from Obama and from the Democrats and the result is a huge loss for the party but a win for Republicans. Essentially what is happening is not only the colour race which is glaring to see without wearing any lenses but the added fact that Obama and the Republicans seem to have more in common than the common ground still left between Obama and Democrats. The other Democrats are counting their harvests before planting by running to the Clinton in the campaigns and distancing themselves from the so call “black President!” Now the Republicans have got Obama to a point where Obama will be running on his toes for the next two years. They are pushing him to be more militant to the rest of the world. After all America remains the main source of insurgencies and violence production world over by assuming the position of the policeman of the world. America has never earn that position because they remain selfish and none objective. Obama has been running an administration that is inclusive within USA and without. The Europeans, the Arabs, the Asians and those in Australia are not just being given 5 minutes notice when America is throwing the next bomb but consulted and wooed properly as it should be. Of course Africa, South America and a few other Islands have continued to be kept out of world equation because they think we don’t matter except for receiving left over from their dinner tables.

President Obama will have it as a major credit to his administration and team in his ability in resolving conflicts without resulting to wars. The Republicans are war mongers and thirsting for war; it is their food and character in order to keep selling their arms and maintaining false impression of bigness. One nation that owes virtually every other nation huge debts is the United States of America. They can’t afford to look at certain Heads of State face to face including China, and Arab leaders; only the Africans and other poor nations are at their mercies where they tap human and natural resources without adequate compensations or pay backs. The rhetoric is on the American foreign policy or rather being policeman of the world. We recognize the extreme wickedness of the world especially in recent times following the advents of Al-Qaeda, ISI, ISIS, ISIL or the Boko Haram unabated insurgencies. The United Nations UN, supported by USA and others, should have revamped and give these insurgencies a necessary knockout punch. America should mind her own business rather than forcing its will and perceptions down the throats of other nations.

The Republicans now have got two years to keep saying “No” to everything Obama and his administration may put forward even at the risk of self destruction. We know that the skin colour of a candidate will eventually matter but no one should make life more difficult for others for how they look or for what gender they are. These are random phenomenal and a perfect gift from nature. The other time I had two different students to counsel but at different times; one is genotype “S-S” while the other is “A-S”. The “A-S” would not want to marry another “A-S” like herself while the “S-S” wished she was at least “A-S”. Eventually the “S-S” got an “A-A” to marry; the man who always ran to her at her many crises fell in love. The “A-S” is still single because she never ran any crises and therefore has not been noticed. The “S-S” is similar to the American white while the “A-S” is the American coloured or mixed race.

The party of “No” should know that they are the ones running into crises and inferiority complexes but the world needs liberation and independence where America should have made positive and objective contributions. As a student of many American teachers in the past we can see the Americans in different strata. The Obama represents the real audacity and world realists, though very liberal and legalistic. The Democrats of the Clintons are those who eat their cakes and still want to keep it; this double tongue was exposed at Obama’s first campaign when President Clinton had to choose between Obama and his wife. He was free to choose his wife but he should not have referred to race in any way, as one who grew on the back of the coloured Americans. Unfortunately there are many more Americans including at least ten Senators that are from the Tea party and been harboured by the Republicans. These are rather naive and unconcerned about prevailing world politics and world orders, and these are American problems in years to come especially 2016 elections.

President Obama has two tough years ahead but where the job has been rather simplified for him by those who confuse taking a militant or a combative approach to issues as strength. The false alarm raised by President Bush that caused the wrong war in Iraq leading to the present day ISIL is not strength but falsehood, ignorance and wickedness. America may wish to ask Russia whose policy is more effective, Democrats under Obama or Republicans? Putin wants to fight and has learned only that trade but Obama is fighting where Russia is less equipped to respond. There has got to be a change of tactics and moving the world to a more peaceful environment. To us there is a huge disconnection between USA and the rest of the world, and a major disconnection between the current expanding insurgencies and techniques to resolve them. Republicans of the USA, and with is growing Tea Party members, have no better solution resolving world conflicts other than going to wars at a time we yearn for peace.

Prof. R. A. Ipinyomi

ipinyomira@yahoo.co.uk or/and raipinyomi@unilorin.edu.ng



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