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2015: Nigeria Won’t Break Up – Message to Nigerians

By Steve Orji, United Kingdom

Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria today presents test ground for numerous conjectures.   There have been many frightening interpretations of happenings in our nation, almost foreboding an inevitable catastrophe.

The reasons for such fears are natural. Security incidents and upscale ethnic-inspired violence are common signs of weak cohesive strengths, if not breakdowns.

Handfuls of “prophecies” from people who believe, see through crystal balls, suggest sad outcomes for Nigeria.

Year 2015, seem to be that doomsday timeline, apocalyptic end. Signals from international organisations corroborate many of such familiar predictions.

It is an unpopular take, to pitch against reasoning of a scientific age. Predictions on Nigeria, coming from individuals or international bodies, may hinge mainly on well-researched security findings, or simply, cognitive intelligence.

There may be pockets of Nigeria’s private citizens, who feel pained or simply distrust with the country, who are looking forward to that day when Nigeria breaks up-so each ethnic group would move away from the “enslaving grip of Nigeria’s strangle hold”. They seem to be first-in-line, would-be beneficiaries of Nigeria’s collapse.

Nigeria has travelled down rigorous, painful paths, survived many such unwholesome predictions, even at moments, when it teetered near extinction. Time and again nerves rack, and we find our fears fitting human expressions in face of turbulence and threatening perennial upheavals.

Unknown to many, at bottom of Nigeria’s historical crust, is unseen hand of providence. We often over look the unseen, because of absence of justifying parameters or scientific endorsements. Discerning hearts could sense the inevitable power play between forces lurking to tear Nigeria apart and the unseen hand working tirelessly to keep it in place, wheeling it through the bumps, and evolutionary high walls to high destiny.

Having gone more than half a century on, Nigeria stands at a predictable threshold, with capacity to survive. At the moment, there seem to be multifaceted geo-political agitations for political power, especially the presidency, come 2015. Such desperate aspirations would not be free of sinister plots and state sabotage.

In every clime, there have always been fair distributions of bad and good elements. In the days of Nehemiah, the astute leader, in Diaspora Israel, there were fair share of dissidents, detractors and imposters, whose preoccupations was to subvert the lofty national project of spiritual and political renaissance of the Jews.

Nigeria is such nation with deep ethnic crevices, where individuals, terrorists, or groups could hide in, from where they scheme and unleash anti-Nigeria machinations, would later cleverly show up as patriots in the open. Such hideous plots go on and on, perhaps outside the radar of formal security infrastructure.

The story of Nehemiah in the Bible, and his success story, amidst legion of formidable detractors, serves modern historical lesson. The thin pack of workers around him mostly ex-slaves from defunct Israel, had little or no project acumen. They lacked military or tactical maneuvering skills, an aftermath of a weakening regime of oppression. What kind of logic or pragmatic suppositions justifies the success they made of the project?

Such phenomenal accomplishment of completing a gigantic national undertaking in such dire atmosphere of seeming impotence, attests to the unseen force of providence.

Nigeria seems to share the same character of national vulnerability, judging from the scale and sophistication of its detractors.  But has strength or prowess always triumphed?

Nigeria becomes such modern day miracle which defies scientific explanations or intellectual predictions.  Modern scientific communities always hold in contempt phenomenon they are unable to explain. Nigeria is one such phenomenon.  Nigeria has survived bad times, huddling into uncertain times, ready to survive the doomsday, therefore becomes another political enigma.

It should be clear that no country in the whole black world hold such brilliant destiny like Nigeria. It is short of explanation.

Nigeria is pregnant with stupendous possibilities. Providence has placed Nigeria on the uncommon historical crossroad that leaves it with no option than to bear the burden of the responsibility of greatness. Nigeria would emerge through this frosty clime of uncertainties, into a new Nation.

It is a welcome task for the government and individuals to do their utmost in working together in the common vision of a new Nigeria, a nation born to fulfill destiny.

Those who wish Nigeria ill had better have change of mind.

Providence ensures Nigeria stands, and thrives, even beyond A.D 2015.


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