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Breaking News: President Jonathan Concedes Defeat, Congratulates Buhari

For the first time in the history of Nigerian democratic governance, the current leading opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has won the 2015 Presidential election conducted last Saturday.

Buhari, a former Military Head of State defeated his main rival and the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan as the States’ result collation just ended at the International Conference centre, FCT Abuja the exercise which put him ahead of President Jonathan with over 3 Million vote’s difference.

General Buhari and his party, APC won in 21 States, mostly in the entire Northern and South Western regions, while the ruling PDP recorded victory in 15 States, within South East and South South geo political zones, including a slight winning in the Federal capital territory, Abuja.

The opposition’s candidate polled a total of 14,915,378 as against the ruling party, that recorded a total of 12, 827,522.

The entire result sprang a historic surprise, as the ruling party lost its traditional strongholds, which included: Kogi, Kwara, Jigawa, Kaduna (home state of Jontahan’s VP, Namadi Sambo), Kebbi and Benue, the home State of the current Senate President, David Mark.

Similarly, pundits expressed shock with the Lagos State result, as the margin of winning was very close.

Lagos State is the home of the APC National Leader and former Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

The outcome was linked to the voting with tribal and religion influence on the South Easterners and South Southerns (residents) in the State.

The Rivers State result, despite the controversies and protest as well as disjointed figures presented by the State’s Collation officer, Professor Etu Efeotor was admitted and added to the remaining results.

The final and formal declaration of the winner is expected to be made by the INEC boss, Professor Attahiru Jega after the last states Borno, North east, Nigeria is announced.

Borno is the stronghold of the General Buhari and he is projected to win the state in the final results expected shortly.

In the meantime, African Examiner gathered that President Jonathan has conceded defeat and congratulated the winner, General Buhari.

State by state results

   STATES                                                      APC                   PDP    

  1. OGUN                                                    308,290              207,950
  2. OSUN                                                    383,603              249,929
  3. KOGI                                                      264,851             149,987
  4. OYO                                                       528,620             303,376
  5. EKITI                                                      120,331             176,446
  6. ONDO                                                    299,889             251,368
  7. ENUGU                                                  141,507             553,003
  8. NASARAWA                                           236,838             273,477
  9. ABUJA                                                    146,399             157,195
  10. KANO                                                     1,903,909         215,779
  11. JIGAWA                                                  885,988           142,904
  12. KATSINA                                                 1,345,441        98,937
  13. KWARA                                                   302,146           132,602
  14. KADUNA                                                 1, 129,760       484,085
  15. ANAMBRA                                               179,260          660,762
  16. ABIA                                                        13,394             368,303
  17. AKWA IBOM                                            58,411             953,304
  18. IMO                                                          133,253           559,185
  19. PLATEAU                                                 429,140           549,615
  20. EBONYI                                                     19,558             323,653
  21. NIGER                                                         657,678          149,222
  22. LAGOS                                                        792,467          632,327
  23. BAYELSA                                                     5,194             361,209
  24. GOMBE                                                      361,245         96,873
  25. CROSS RIVERS                                         28,368           414,863
  26. RIVERS                                                       69,238          1,487,075
  27. ADAMAWA                                                  374,701          251,664
  28. ZAMFARA                                                   612,202         144,833
  29. KEBBI                                                         567,883         100,972
  30. EDO                                                            208,469         286,869
  31. BENUE                                                        373,961         303,737
  32. DELTA                                                          48,910           1,211,405
  33. SOKOTO                                                      671,926          152,199
  34. BAUCHI                                                       931,598           86,085
  35. YOBE                                                          446,265           25,526
  36. TARABA                                                      261,326           310,800
  37. BORNO ?                                                   473,548            25,640

GRAND TOTAL:  APC =   15,424,926      PDP =      12,853,162

Jonathan’s Statement On his Defeat

Fellow Nigerians,

I thank you all for turning out en-masse for the March 28 General Elections.

I promised the country free and fair elections. I have kept my word. I have also expanded the space for Nigerians to participate in the democratic process. That is one legacy I will like to see endure.

Although some people have expressed mixed feelings about the results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), I urge those who may feel aggrieved to follow due process based on our constitution and our electoral laws, in seeking redress.

As I have always affirmed, nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. The unity, stability and progress of our dear country is more important than anything else.

I congratulate all Nigerians for successfully going through the process of the March 28th General Elections with the commendable enthusiasm and commitment that was demonstrated nationwide.

I also commend the Security Services for their role in ensuring that the elections were mostly peaceful and violence-free.

To my colleagues in the PDP, I thank you for your support. Today, the PDP should be celebrating rather than mourning. We have established a legacy of democratic freedom, transparency, economic growth and free and fair elections.

For the past 16 years, we have steered the country away from ethnic and regional politics. We created a Pan-Nigerian political party and brought home to our people the realities of economic development and social transformation.

Through patriotism and diligence, we have built the biggest and most patriotic party in Nigerian history. We must stand together as a party and look to the future with renewed optimism.

I thank all Nigerians once again for the great opportunity I was given to lead this country and assure you that I will continue to do my best at the helm of national affairs until the end of my tenure.

I have conveyed my personal best wishes to General Muhammadu Buhari.

May God Almighty continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I thank you all.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR

President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, March 31, 2015


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