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Nigerians Tackle Obasanjo For Boasting About Achievements of His Administration

By Nwa Diokpa

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Former Nigeria’s president Olusegun Obasanjo is trending on Twitter as Nigerians took to the micro-blogging platform to reminisce about his stewardship as president of the country.

The former president who granted an interview to journalists was quoted as saying that during his time as president, he never cared which part of the country a person was from and either did he pursue any personal interest.

He said:

“People who worked with me, it doesn’t matter where they come from, they remember what we did together. There is no question of favoritism, there is no question of, yes, this is my kith and kin. There is no question of this is my personal interest. I never say that we didn’t make mistakes or we are perfect, but whatever mistake we made was a genuine mistake. It wasn’t a mistake we made as a result of selfishness.”

He also rubbished the claim that he did not do anything for the Yoruba race.

He continued:

“Some Yoruba have come to me and said you didn’t do enough for the Yoruba. I said, ‘Yes, did I do it for Nigeria?’ They said, ‘You did?’ I asked, is Yoruba not part of Nigeria? If I did as I could for Nigeria and Yoruba are part of Nigeria, then I have done for the Yoruba as well as I have done for Igbo, Hausa and so on. I think that must guide us.

“The point you must bear in mind is that this country can be a great country. We have everything to make this country great. And that is what always worries me. When you see what we can do, how to do it, and we are not doing it. That is really unfortunate.

“Can we get there? I believe we can.  All we need is one generation of consistency in leadership, we will be there.  That is what we need. We need one generation of right leadership consistently.”

However, the statement of the former president and elder statesman have sparked outrage in the social media as some persons agreed with him and faulted the current Buhari’s government for its lopsidedness in appointments and some criticized the former president and reminded him of withholding Lagos allocation and pursuing a third term agenda.

Here are some of the tweets:

Okasikasi Biafra @Okasikasi writes: “What Ojukwu and Biafra leaders saw in 1966. It took Oduduwa leaders, PANDEF, Obasanjo 54years to see it.

Obasanjo is now begging the Fulanis for Restructuring of Nigeria. 5 million Biafrans perished when men like Obasanjo rejected Restructuring at Aburi Ghana Accord agreement with Ojukwu.”

Qui-Gon@femiexe writes: “Bold faced tyranny but “oBASanJO iS a dOn.”

Egbeyemi lateef @LateefEgbeyemi writes: “From Operation Feed the Nation to Obasanjo Farm of Nigeria Na personal property you pursued.”

Diplomatic#LAT@DiplomaticLat writes: “And what was the result of the best brain, zero power, zero Infrastructure upgrade across the nation, zero rail,zero employment opportunities, zero security impact, Boko haram and Niger Delta militancy started during OBJs tenure..”

♔His Royal Saintness @St_david1 writes: “Obasanjo spent 8 years without solving all these problems. Buhari on his 6th year is not doing any better. All those highlighted ills still persist even in full force.”

#CofEnugu@CofEnugu writes: “It’s not tribalism… Facts and truth aren’t tribal. The fed could have started with the corridors we know are viable. SW and SE which would lead to phase 2 for NW and NE and then then the phase 3 heading north of Africa. We need to stop building castles in the sky.”

mohammed shehu@ishehu writes: “The project promoters are encouraged by Chinese businesses located on this axis. Business day never complained when Obasanjo built pipeline to Ogun. And the West African Pipeline that serves Lagos was built by who?”

Olorogun@KingDavidJasper writes: “Lol. Olusegun Obasanjo was a tyrant. Dictator and bloodletting president who should be rotting in jail.”

kaytoned@kaytoned writes: “Obasanjo made some of “his boys” billionaire and they paid him back,by donating millions of cash towards all his projects after he left office.”

Kikelomo sowore@KikelomoSowore writes: “Good President no scarce, but na we dey find Abacha with a touch of Obama.”

Akhigbe Saint Michael@IAkhigbe writes: “Mobutu with a touch of Obasanjo.”

Momoh MrMore@MrMooreMomoh writes: “How could u build ur Presidential Library as a sitting president? Were ur Obasanjo farm workers not being paid by government? Ur billions naira worth are just ur govt earnings?”

almaatan@almaatan writes: “#Obasanjo a magu in his own regime.what about 16bn for electricity?How do Ota farm happen to be yours?The killing of Okadigbo and bola ige was a personal interest.Did you collect money from Cameroon to give them bakassi?You are one of the tools that destroyed Nigeria.#news #bbc.”

Balogun@balogunnetwork writes: “MKO Abiola said it all “obasanjo is a serial liar” now I believe him wholehearted because I witnessed obasanjo presidency.”

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