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The Tragedy and Triumph at Synagogue Church

By Prof. R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Life is such that anyone can come to see a higher world but what should take us there is not a flash of revelation from above.  Consistently training yourself and every day, until you become used to seeing each thing the way it is seen from above. Real change only comes from consistent, daily practice. Similarly a Christian on a pilgrimage, such that weekly flood SCOAN to see Prophet T B Joshua and his team at Ikotun Egbe, Lagos Nigeria, or those going to Jerusalem periodically to see where Jesus was born, buried and rose up again, or those actually expecting to fly up to meet Jesus in the sky, all of us must do so in absolute knowledge and complete faith in the Word of God rather than a miraculous revelation from the above.

TB Joshua

TB Joshua

Truly the pain of one is the pain of all and the pain in SCOAN is felt by all its fans and many who have come to believe that Jesus is alive and doing miracles in SCOAN through Prophet TB Joshua. It has been a sad and painful moment for the Christians and group of people who have been coming to SCOAN and must certainly be for the families of those who lost their lives on Friday, September 12, 2014, at about 12:44pm in our arena of liberty. It is equally so for them at SCOAN family under the leadership of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

We understand that many Nigerians and citizens of other nations were affected. In our earlier write up we did say that SCOAN is a weekend home for many nationals and it has become both a pilgrim spot and a possible tourist point if we can overcome our petty jealousies and differences of religion. The Governor of Lagos State is actually the first beneficiary of any good thing that may come from Lagos State and also the first official government mourner if otherwise. Governor Fasola (SAN) has proved that he is an action man, though a Muslim but has been at the site and many Lagos officials. On the other hand the President of South Africa has been rather emotional and sentimental mentioning only the citizens from his country. President, Jacob Zuma, of SA is claiming that 67 of his nationals died in SCOAN disaster.

This figure is different from the number so far released but our argument is not on number at the moment. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) of Nigeria and the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) will eventually come up with a figure at the end of the day. Meanwhile we send our deep condolences to South Africa Government and her people. SCOAN is actually populated by many South Africans every weekend and this may cause the high number coming from them. Most Nigerians would not normally use the guesthouse except those of us invited by the prophet to do so. Africans should try to understand their people and provide for them accordingly. Africans are deeply religious and very superstitious and making us preys for all faiths. Other nationals would not have come to Nigeria unless they have been drawn to come. Christianity is a faith of the chosen and the called.

As the governments in Nigeria carryout their investigation into the possible causes of the collapse it should be emphasized to them to note that SCOAN keeps records of her events. This is one of the wonders that drew me closer to T B Joshua when I knew the level at which he keeps his activities on record. SCOAN has already brought out a film showing its own claim of possible causes which may be too difficult for a carnal generation to believe; yet we can’t always sweep everything as mere spiritual. This is not the first time a tragedy of similar nature would happen to SCOAN but this is the greatest so far to my knowledge. The church is keeping films and recording events of their beginning, when T B Joshua was arrested by General Bamaiyi and imprisoned, when the first building of the church was stormed, when another was washed away, and so on.

image27What should Nigeria do to growing worship places with very large crowds? Governments’ efforts have proven so little and always too late to come so far. For example we are hearing Governor Fasola of Nigeria, President Zuma of South Africa and many more only possibly because the news that such will attract. Governor Fasola and his administration should tell us if his radar caught any plane flying over the building hovering four times at the time and should produce the record. President Jonathan of Nigeria should also tell us how many planes Boko Haram are using and where they are. Similarly where is the record that President Zuma is referring to where close to 67 South Africans have been picked up dead and which the NEMA of Nigeria and the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency could not have picked? African governments prefer to keep their people poor and only places like SCOAN become their last bus stops. For example who is paying the bills of the injured or visiting them? It is still the church.

Our governments must sit up and run a government that provides standard jobs and healthcare, freedom of worship and association for its citizens. When everyone is on its own the people seek any alternative means of survival like we are seeing in Boko Haram, armed robbing, kidnappings, prostitution, occultism that we are accusing many politicians of doing, and all deviant behaviours. Our prayer is that God will give both the different governments and the Church to properly direct this generation that we have termed “a lost generation”. There is confusion all over the place and Satan is not relenting in adding to the confusion and the deception. May God give the necessary consolation and comfort to every government, people and family, SCOAN and Lagos State, and all of us. The triumph is in our faith that nothing happening by mistake. God is in absolute control of his universe even as we witness a group of people beheading, killing and maiming others. Surely God is in control and the payday is just by the corner. The awesome God is aware of our plights.

Prof. R. A. Ipinyomi

ipinyomira@yahoo.co.uk  or/and raipinyomi@unilorin.edu.ng


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