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ANALYSIS – Defence Chief: Fayose’s Appreciation To Buhari; Indeed, ‘It’s A Small World’

By Tajudeen Balogun, Head, African Examiner, Nigeria BureauExpectedly, the appointment of the new Service Chiefs has evoked mixed reactions from Nigerians. But notably among the trailing comments was the appreciation by the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose to President Muhammadu Buhari on the appointment of his kinsman, Major-General Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin as the new Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). Both the appointment and appreciation are very ironical, interesting and historic.

First, it would be recalled the same Governor, who is thanking Buhari has during the last electioneering campaign, led the hate crusade against Mr. President. The peak of his crude, dirty and myopic brand of politics was demonstrated in “death wish advert” on Buhari. Reckless Fayose like some of his colleagues in the PDP, made so many sweeping statements against Buhari, ahead of the Presidential election. Only God knows other sordid things he might have done or attempted against the first citizen aspiration before the poll.

Now the questions. Did Fayose ever believe that Buhari will win the last Presidential election? Did he expect this (the new CDS appointment) to happen in this manner? Giving the latest development, what is Fayose’s stand on loads of allegations by his party and members against Buhari and his goverment?

CDS Olonishakin’s appointment should be a big lesson for Fayose and his replica. Although, by hierarchy, Major General Olonishakin must have merited the position. However, for Buhari to have allowed the appointment to stand, should reinforce the point to Fayose that, there should be limitation to rascality and mischief in politics no matter what. In other words, there must be honour in celebrating victory and aspiration to emerge the winner of a race! If Fayose, despite his garrulous posture, can be this humble and appreciative (in the present circumstance), people should realize the beauty of hatred with restriction and the truism: “It’s A Small World!”

APC, Buhari’s Performance: What Moral Right Has The PDP In Complaining?

There is no doubt in the fact that over six weeks of President Muhammadu Buhari in power has been trailed with mixed reactions from the various sections of Nigeria. The areas that have attracted torrent comments; reactions and counter include the renewed bloody insurgents’ attack; the yet to be manifested (promised) temporary and permanent million of jobs for unemployed Nigerians as well as the perceived slow pace at which the President is operating.

As a matter of fact, Nigerians, especially those who gave their mandate to Mr. President and his party – the All Progressives Congress (APC) have every right to fault and complain over any area of the government they consider lacking focus or slacking. Of course, I have added my voice in the debate on how President Buhari has fair in his first four weeks in the office up till date. Recall my analyses with the titles: “Nigerians, Give President Buhari The Little Time He Requests” and “APC Leaders, Be Careful; Watchful As Your Time Winds Up!” The two were posted a fortnight ago and last week respectively.

Really, I appreciate the concern of many Nigerians (those aspired and worked for change) with respect to little output of President Buhari’s administration. Of course, I go along with those who reason that the ruling party’s government still deserves to be given time to plan properly – get to the root of the rots inherited from the previous administration, before setting out with full force for the real business of governance.

Despite all of these, I contest the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) restlessness and its reckless recent critique. No one should make mistake that I am not conscious of “politicking” as being inevitable, especially between the ruling party, the leading opposition and others. Also, my advance at the PDP should not be mistaken for hatred or resistance to its member’s freedom of expression. Instead of these, what I am contesting in the PDP ‘effortless’ tirade is the question, on whether the party or its members really possess moral right to question the performance; productivity; accountability or otherwise of any government or a party in Nigeria, after its 16 years of disappointment and failure.

Despite its failure, the PDP started the campaign of President Buhari his party, being too slow; incompetent and inexperience as well as not fully prepared to take up the task of being at the centre. Interestingly, the opposition went ahead and attempted to impress the public when it rationalized that the insurgents which the last administration could not tackle in its six years (but manage to make certain check at twilight of its tenure) in less than a month of the present government, has been emboldened and more deadly. To begin with, is it not odd, comparing (a belated acclaimed success) by a six years administration with a government in power barely two months?

As I stated earlier, criticism by opposition or individual is a right and no system will ever be free from being put under searchlight and check. However, this fundamental makes meaning when the contents are factual; the dimension not misleading and treacherous and ultimately for the government of the day to attain success, while the benefits is manifested in government’s focus and by extension, members of the public. Now consider this.

It is a common knowledge that the unpaid salaries of the Nigerian public servants in not less than 18 States, is another blunder of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. However, it is ironical and beats imagination to see members of the same party that created the problem, now attempting to score cheap points, when about three weeks ago first launched debate that the present administration rescue measure was not a “bailout”, rather the entitlement of the States.

Later, the PDP extended its mean controversy, when it countered the ruling APC on its claim over inheriting empty treasury. The opposition challenged that had the APC government’s met zero coffer, the sum of N713.7 billion President Buhari approved to be shared among the States could not have been available in the first place. It is also very interesting that the PDP went further to mention the sum was actually sourced from the Excess Crude Account (ECA).

The ECA’s claim by the opposition was subsequently contested by the ruling party which replied that the money was the NLNG “dividends” remitted for the month of June. With this, the PDP has succeeded in forcing the question on who is actually lying or saying the truth? Here, the antecedent of the PDP of not ‘walking his talk’ is self-indicting, therefore, its claim is most unlikely to be reliable. I say this because the PDP 16 year’s tenure was characterized with deception; failed promises; financial profligacy and impunity.

Again, it is baffling to hear the PDP alleging that the recent reorganization (appointment of acting Chairman) at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was calculated towards securing victory for the ruling APC in the approaching gubernatorial polls in Bayelsa and Kogi States. A quick response to this. No matter the level of impunity, influenced brutality by the security operatives on the instruction of the ruling party, the Nigerian public to a large extent, can no more be manipulated in deciding who to give their mandate. The outcome of Osun guber election last year August and recent general elections are enough pointers to justify this position. Therefore, the alleged Buhari or APC stooge being at the helms of affairs at INEC or not, the two frontline parties should expect result base on their credibility and record of performance. This is another alarm bell for the stalwarts of the two parties!

Equally, I found it very funny reading the PDP accusing the ruling APC of attempting to manipulate proceedings at the Election Petition Tribunals across the country, in particular, the Rivers’. As for this State, the entire world knew how violent and bloody were the last elections as well as who are the “alleged” culprits. Also, the public has been fed with who wanted or are those kicking against how the documents – proving how the elections were manipulated, figures doctored; bandied and fake results were announced be inspected and verified.

I have cited severally that the PDP is a party, full of members very ‘skillful’ at first making false and spurious allegations. This party, mostly creates chaos and later points an accusing finger at its target. The Ekitigate is still in memory; the Osun guber poll and last polls are good instances. I have also cautioned the party in the past, in particular its Spokesperson, who has been pre-occupied churning out all the defence and doing the immoral justification, to do critique if he wished, but must always ensure they were rooted with facts and figures; most especially, defendable. By my assessment, without any prejudice, the opposition and its mouthpiece have been failing till the moment, in these regards.

As expressed in a Yoruba idiomatic expression “Eni bama daso fun eniyan, ti ara ni ama koko wo” (You must be the mirror of what you preach). Therefore, if the PDP is accusing its ruling APC counterpart – President Buhari of being slow in acting; partial in his appointment; the party being economical with the truth or governing with impunity, (even if the allegations are later confirmed to be correct) which among the accusations is the PDP, its leaders and majority of its members could be absolved? Without fear of contradiction, none of the stated the PDP is free from!

In the light of the above, the PDP must henceforth review the dimension of its roles as an opposition political party. Specifically, if it must criticize, such should not be on timing (as its 16 years in power were waste). Indeed, the PDP lacks moral to accuse the ruling house of impunity (if at all exists) just as this illegality featured prominently, especially in the last six years of its over a decade in power. The ideal area for the PDP to pick holes in this administration I suggest is the aspect of injustice – denial of any constitutional right to it, or its members.

With respect to performance, accountability, pace of work and impunity rating, the PDP must admit it is not qualify in these aspects. Those who are capable and that have moral rights of doing the ranking and rating are the folks who struggled and voted President Buhari and his party, the APC.

Finally, the opposition PDP should mind the business of putting its house in order and step up on the catching strategies for its ‘image laundering’ and if per chance, able to convince Nigerians to support and re-elect it, in the next general elections, which hold in 2019. Most importantly, the PDP and its members should criticize for development and growth, not to deceive and disturb with their wolf cries as it is presently engaging the ruling APC and the public in general. It is only when the opposition and its members change their focus in this regard, the impression held by the public that they are enemies of Nigeria can be corrected. And to a very large extent, if such a mindset is achieved, it will boost its damaged outlook and enhance its chances when the country conducts another general polls in about four years time.

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