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Nigerians Express Shock As Gumi Tasks Northerners Not To Vote For Politicians Who ‘ll Kill Bandits

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The statement credited to a popular Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, about northerners not voting for politicians who won’t grant amnesty to bandits wreaking havoc across the region as bandits are warriors who shouldn’t be killed but negotiated with has sparked social media reactions.

African Examiner writes that the cleric, in one of his recent sermons had stated that northerners don’t need a politician that does not have the interest of bandits at heart.

“Don’t vote for those who will fight bandits. The fighters are our warriors in the forest……. Our people in the forest.

“So vote for those who after attaining power will call and negotiate with our people (bandits) so as to give them what they want for peace to reign,” Gumi had said.

The statement of the cleric has sparked social media reactions. African Examiner gathers some of the thoughts of Nigerians on Twitter below:
@IU_Wakilii writes: “Summary of what gumi said here is “Don’t vote those who will fight our people (bandits) vote for those who call them and negotiate with them” Can somebody tell me why the government is not arresting this terrorist sympathizer yet?”

@AbubakarAAliyu7 writes: “DSS arrest this religious extremist Gumi,if he can warn govt not 2 fight kidnappers & bandits that they’re his men/warlords/veterans rather they should b call 4 dialogue. I ask how many times did govt dialogue with DOGO GIDE & Bello TIRJI, they’re still killing & kidnapping pple.”

@_realkingsley writes: “I don’t blame Gumi, I blame the irresponsible government that allow the bandit in the name of Islamic Cleric to be walking freely. I am sure that there is a candidate promising not to stop bandits. Shall the North ever be free from their own curse?”

@real_aahmad writes: “We have been calling for the arrest of Gumi for his connection and sympathy for bandits-terrorists for so long, but we have been ignored. Funnily, some Obidients were on this app defending & erasing his sins the moment Obi met him in Kaduna. Now he has uttered another bombshell.”

YAIKUUB writes: “He has come again. Mallam Gumi has started again. The useless DSS, @PoliceNG, @elrufai, and @MBuhari, will neither see nor query this disturbing comment from Gumi. No they will not. They will not!!!”

@AM_Saleeem writes: “Gumi called Bandits terrorists their warriors & their people but he’s still moving freely, i wonder if Sunday Igboho or Nnamdi Kanu will escape an arrest or going to jail if they boldly make that statement.”

@MosesEssien16 writes: “Until the IG @PoliceNG COAS @HQNigerianArmy DG DSS who are all Fulani’s & Muslims arrest & prosecute Sheik Gumi who is openly supporting & working for bandits these heads of security organizations are complicit to the insecurity caused by bandits in the north.”

@IfeanyiAbraham6 writes: “Now that Gumi, a Northern leader, has affirmed terrorists as their ‘warriors’, you might ask: Warriors against who? Christians & Southerners? #EhaAmufu?Apparently! Why would any person want to belong to a nation where one half sees terrorists as warriors?”

@TENIBEGILOJU202 writes: “If Gumi actually said this and still walks freely then God punish the DSS, the police and of course the Nigerian army! What an effrontery, what an insult? In a saner clime, this man will be in a black site explaining his involvement in terrorism other nefarious activities.”

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