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Nigerians React As National Grid Collapses

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Nigerians are reacting to the news that power generation on the national grid has collapsed to zero megawatts around 10.40 am on Monday and this has caused a widespread blackout across the country.
African Examiner had earlier reported that various power distribution companies had informed their customers concerning the grid collapse, saying that it was the cause of the outages.
Reacting to this development, some Nigerians took to their social media handles to air their views concerning the matter adding that this grid is collapsing at a time the nation is grappling with other issues. African Examiner captures their thoughts below
Somto Onuchukwu@chosensomto writes: “ASUU strike extended! National grid collapse! Airlines shut down in 3 days! Fuel Scarcity unchained! Adulterated fuel is still in circulation and ruining cars! Inflation on steroids! Insecurity now multidimensional! They ruined everything!!!.”
NEFERTITI@firstladyship writes: “Airlines will shut down in 3days. NNPC won’t give them license to import JetA1. Buhari is Petroleum Minister, London Branch. JetA1 fuel is N670. Abuja-Gombe flight stop at Kano to refuel. One leg Flight is N50K. At N210, fuel is still scarce. No light, National Grid has collapsed.”
Adewale Adetona @iSlimfit writes: “The National Grid in Nigeria collapses almost every quarter. Is it held by the tip of a thread? Even Ukraine with all the bombing and shooting, still has light.”
chijiоke, Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering(Affidavit).@Ekwulu writes: “Who even brought this idea of generating power and transferring it to the national grid? This is the principal reason why this nation continues to wallow in darkness. Allow each state to generate and distribute power, then there will be light at the end of the tunnel.”
NEFERTITI@firstladyship writes: “Electricity Generation is at all-time low since 1999. Blackout in major cities is biting. National Grid slumped to 1,320 Megawatts since February. How much did Buhari spend on Electricity Generation in 7+ years?”
Starving writer@Olumuyiwa__ writes: “Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President at a time where we’re only recovering from eight weeks of fuel queues, facing a collapse of the national grid and a 2 month-long ASUU strike says he’s running for President to change things Naija Na comedy.”
Mo-Mo@Morris_Monye writes: “I have always said (and you can check previous tweets), states should be responsible for their power and stop all this National grid nonsense. You will see an improvement in power from Governors that want to serve their people. The load is too much.”

FS Yusuf@FS_Yusuf_ writes: “This government can’t continue to announce to us that National Grid is collapsing, almost every quarter. In a year, the National Grip would collapse more 3 to 4 times. What is that impossible technical issue that can’t be fixed once and for all? What kind of a country is this!??”
Hyke #FanOfFisayoSoyombo@ekesunvictor writes: “The darkness in Nigeria is either because of national grid or because of national greed.”
Omoyele Sowore@YeleSowore writes: “Under incompetent, corrupt, unjust and patently inhuman @mbuhari regime National Grid Has Collapsed, National Security Has Collapsed, National Currency+Economy Has Collapsed, National Education Has Collapsed, National Infrastructure Has Collapsed, National Health Has Collapsed.”
Ikechukwu@iyke_nwabuko writes: “Asuu on strike, national grid collapses, fuel scarcity, Naira in the mud, security on the precipes, Inflation on a daily rise, Roads as death traps, the Unemployment rate on a record high, External debt on an astronomical rise. We have an emergency on our hands!!!”
theonly1acre@theonly1acre writes: “National Grid completely down, skyrocketing prices of diesel and gas.. bla bla. Advanced countries where people have it going will down tools but the Poverty Hub of Africa has tough skin. A malware has attacked our coping mechanism & we can’t isolate the machine either.”
Al-Ladi @LadiSpeaks writes: “16 years of PDP is why the National Grid has collapsed over 5 times in 6 years. Say No to PDP in 2023. Vote Professor Osinbajo the current VP.”
Senator Shehu Sani@ShehuSani writes: “National grid on the verge of collapse, Airlines companies to ‘shut down in three days, terrorists on a killing spree and then ASUU…we are just the African version of Ukraine at the moment.”

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