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Shithole Comment: Uganda President Backs Trump

Photo: Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni

By Our Reporter

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments may have angered many African leaders, but not Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, who says he loves Trump’s blunt honesty and comments on Issues.

President Museveni got legislators from Uganda laughing out very loud when he said “ I love Trump”.

Earlier this month,  President Donald Trump reportedly referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House.

While some African countries like Nigeria and South Africa reacted by summoning U.S. ambassadors to explain the insulting comment, Uganda’s Museveni instead praised Trump.

“America’s got one of the best presidents ever, Mr Trump. I love Trump. I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly.”

“I do not know whether he is misquoted or whatever, but when he speaks I like him, because he speaks frankly. The Africans need to solve their problems. They need to be strong, in the world you cannot survive if you are weak.” He said



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1 Comment for “Shithole Comment: Uganda President Backs Trump”

  1. Yes. General Museveni, like any dictator and or any aspiring life president, it is not only a duty, but certainly an obligation to like, prise and accept not only what Donald Trump says, but also any other American president and presidents from other super power. Museveni has at least three time publicly said how he loves the man and has said the same about the Russian and Chinese leaders.

    And one can’t blame the man. Why? Because he no longer think and rightly so that his mandate comes from Ugandans. He knows very well that he his now an agent of foreign powers and individuals.

    Even if Trump belittles African, Museveni can wake up and hand over Ugandans to save his interests. Maybe as the slave traders did. An action Museveni himself loves to condemn and abuse our fore fathers for.

    If one looks around Africa and latin American, all president, who have managed to condemn and call on Trump to retract his words. They all have a completely different profile. ie How the came to power; the time table of when they came and how they will leave is well defined; What they were before they came to power; Where they got their mandate and so forth.

    Talk about presidents like Ian Khama of Botswana in Southern Afraica; to Mark Sall of Senegal Northern African, who once told off former American president Barack Hussein Obama face to face on the other issue not worth mentioning again here.

    On the contrary, when the Museveni’s meet Donald Trump in America shortly after coming to power, he embarrassed them by telling them that, “I don’t anything about your countries, I only know that my friends just come there to make money and get rich quick” to which they simply laughed and clapped.

    Funny enough, whereas Ugandans in general welcomed the coming of and supported the Donald Trump campaign, for one reason including me. That was going, as he promised, to deal with long time African dictators. We now know he cut our “pocket money” as ghetto boys would say.

    On the other hand, General Museveni was one of the rulers, who was opening opposed to Donald Trump becoming president of American. In fact, the were some credible rumours, that Museveni was one of those African dictators, who secretly, financially, supported the Clinton campaign directly and or indirectly through the Clinton foundation.

    Well Museveni changes as day and night, as long as that helps him to stay in power and so is the man.

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