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OPINION: Oloye Otunba Chief Dr. Corruption has landed at the Senate

BALTIMORE, MD (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Welcome to the Nigerian Senate where corruption will soon be made easier and simpler for politicians to engage in. The faithful friends and co-travellers of Mr. Bukola Saraki, who is facing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, are working hard at this. They are also hopeful the law will bring huge benefit to them also, stall the current trial of their friend, and every one of them will be happy thereafter and able to loot and loot without facing any repercussion. How great and lootocratic are these seven senators! Morality crisis has taken over the National Assembly and shame has departed the chamber.

Honesty and integrity thrown out the door while corruption take a front seat and entered the Senate on red carpet and with full adulation; a grand entrance for Oloye Otunba Chief Dr. Corruption and his lieutenants into the Nigerian Senate. Welcome to our slaughter slab, pretend not to perceive the nauseating stench – we are all used to that and don’t mind – oozing all around the chamber. We welcome you, Oloye Otunba Chief Dr. Corruption to sit right beside the exalted-NOT chair of our senate president. You can see that we all love and worship you. The seven bad eggs welcome you and thank you. In case you do not know them, they are Dino Grabby, Barao Jim, Anyagbe Anyako, Abisole, Abbaloot, Gobirkolekole and Ekweregbewiri. The only thing constant in their lives is corruption, one of the seven postulated. Is anyone against this bill? Pin drop silence! How wonderful? No one is against the bill and that pleased the buffoon spirit of Ekweregbewiri and his co-travelers.

It will now be very easy for everybody to come inside the looting lorry and grab till death finally call them to order – that is if the new changes being proposed to the Code of Conduct Bureau and Code of Conduct Tribunal Act are anything to go by. The seven bad eggs – we now know them for who they truly are – at the Senate, the same who are solidly behind their principal are doing something never contemplated before, something grotesque and suspicious; they are chatting a new course to ensure that their principal escape from the fiery furnace he got himself into by his actions. They are rushing, madly rushing through the Senate floor an amendment to the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) Act. The same people who are getting paid so much for doing so little have found the time and energy to work – only the work they set out to do is meant to ensure their survival today and in the future, should the need arise that their asset declaration show signs of weakness and expose any criminality on their part.

The CCB Act is being amended, according to one of the louts, “as quickly as possible.” You will wonder why the rush and why the amendment. It should not come as a surprise that every single one of the seven bad eggs left the task given to them by the electorate to follow their principal to the CCB Tribunal every time the man appeared to answer to very serious charges of failure to declare some asset at the CCT. The action of the seven should not only be seen as evil but also as an attempt to eliminate the checks and balances that protect the nation, its assets and the integrity, if any, of our struggling democratic culture. The maleficence of the seven bad eggs should be seen as an act to preserve the status quo and allow thieves to continue to plunder our commonwealth at will.

It is very unbelievable that anyone will attempt to wilfully throw the door opened for looters to operate effectively and render CCB and its tribunal toothless and useless. What is the point of asking public office holders to declare their assets if the asset documents are just for declaration sake? It seemed thieves are now in control of the nation’s legislative arm. This is the time to show the seven bad eggs and those ridding this decrepit and corrupt contraption train with them that Nigerians are done with crooks and thieves and anxious to make sure state funds are used to meet the needs of the people alone.

Babs Ajayi




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