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Our Stand on Proposed National Conference –Yoruba Group

Press Release:

The Ominira Yoruba Apapo, a Yoruba Pressure group wishes to express our satisfaction with the kick start of the process that may eventually give Nigerians the long awaited National Conference which from all intent may offer a way out of the various problems confronting us as a Nation.

Femi Okunrounmu, former senator, was tapped to plan Nigeria's national conference

Femi Okunrounmu, former senator, was tapped to plan Nigeria’s national conference

We strongly condemn the attempt to reduce the importance of the National Conference to the wishes and desires of political parties and their friendly organisations against the fact that the National Conference is essentially required by the mass of Nigerians to address the fate of our Nationhood.

Having watched the regional consultation going on to draw the modality for the conference  we deem it fit to advise the Dr. Femi Okunrounmu led Presidential Advisory Committee on the dialogue to underplay the role of Political parties in the process while also ensuring that the existing   six geo-political structure of the country be recognised as a platform for selecting delegate to the conference .  There is also a desirous need to consider the ethnic nationalities to participate in the conference as it is this nationalities that make up the entity called Nigeria. We also advocate that the younger generation that currently constitute the largest percentage of our population should be given utmost recognition to participate in the conference not forgetting the fact that they have major roles to play in sustainability of our polity.

The conference will be expected to among other issues discuss and determine issues related to local government autonomy, true federating system, determining other source of revenue outside oil  and a revenue allocation to the federating states.  We should not forget that our region is endowed with agricultural products, there is thus the need to review this process and return us to one of the region that is sustaining the nation economy.

There is no better time for the Conference than now considering the stages that our nation is currently going through, in this regard we as a group is poised to start an advocacy campaign aimed at raising the consciousness of our people as regards the National Conference. This we will do across the states of south west region where opinion leaders across various groups in the zone will be consulted and mobilized to get set to be part of the conference. We will not leave this in the hands of a regular politician whose intention will be to derail and make it usual political jamboree.

On the criticism and questions that have continually greeted the Sovereignty of the National Conference, we wish to remind Nigerians that our incumbent priority should be to ensure an effective representation of all ethnic, socio political and pressure group who will inturn ensure that the resolutions of such conference are made Sovereign and can only be amended by a referendum.  We should not forget that once the conference is made mass base via mass participation, then the sovereignty been discussed will be invoked by the people.

Once again, we wish to remind the President Committee to reduce her emphasis on the role of political parties in the process and dedicate more time to mobilize the mass of nigerians in order to achieve the desired food.


Morgan Omodu
Publicity Secretary OYA
Morgan Omodu

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