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Still On Fayose And The Buhari Death-Wish-Advertorial

In the first tenure of Ayodele Fayose, the Ekiti state was engulfed with violence and attacks on those he was unable to carpet into his political bondage. Such people included the chairman of Ado-Ekiti local government Taye Fasuba. Later, the battle moved to his deputies and then the house of assembly. Although Ekiti was being regarded as land of elites, the happenings since return of bigot/thug Fayose has proved that most of the Ekiti people are actually not being erroneously tagged.

Despite leading thugs to beat the State Chief judge who was leading judgement on case of fraud levelled against the Chief tout of Ekiti State two weeks before his swearing, the Chief judge was pampered to swear the bad boy as the Governor of the State in October last year. Since the return of the Idiamin of Ekiti state, the state knows no peace again. Apart from the fact that he has been wasting Ekiti people fund in destabilization of Nigeria through his bigotry messages in national dailies as shown in one of his messages thus “He described the APC presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, as an “Islamist who is out to return power to the northerners and implement Islamic agenda.”(http://www.punchng.com/news/apc-will-plunge-nigeria-into-civil-religious-war-fayose/ )

“. So, by being a Muslim is now a sin even when Muslims have been so magnanimous at maintaining national peace even at the height of provocation by Jonathan government. Jonathan bought jet for Oritsejafor and nothing happened in addition to monthly returns to them and annual pilgrimage plus juicy contracts and appointments. But why should Fayose wish Buhari death and mock past Muslim leaders and national heroes while leaving his fellow faithfuls, Is that not the height of Jingoism and bigotry least expected of a sane leader? So, it is glaring that his party is interested at opposing any Muslim that is why the party killed late Yar’adua, abi no be so?

When Charles Soludo joined people condemning appointment of HRH Sanusi Muhammad II as the Central Bank of Nigeria governor in 2009, I wrote a rejoinder to “The Dwarfs of Anambra” published by The Sun Newspaper on October 19, 2009 that Charles Soludo would forever be missing favourable appointment in Nigeria while his name would only be remembered in history and nothing else unless he repent. Till today, it remains like that as the man failed at the two times he attempted to become Anambra state governor.

Similarly, when Yar’adua was to appoint Ministers in 2007, he had problem with Anambra state slot when he decided to appoint late Dora Akunyili from the state. First, it was the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) that fought Yar’adua till the morning of the day her name was submitted to the Senate. The NMA insisted that Akunyili was a professor of Pharmacy and so could not be made to head Ministry of health which was ordinarily and conventionally meant for Medical Doctors. Yar’adua insisted to using her and later gave her Ministry of Information and Communication even when Anambra people fought Yar’adua not to give the state ministerial slot to Akunyili because she did not help them throughout the campaign period.

Nonetheless, Yar’adua appointed Akunyili. Following Yar’adua travel of November 27,2009 to Saudi Arabia for Medical treatment and his failure to return after three weeks, it was the same Akunyili that first told the Federal Executive Council to remove Yar’adua as a president and make his deputy, the President. This is a glaring case of perfidy and betrayal of trust by the woman. Then she made her position public being Minister of Information and the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria with people like Bishop Gbonigi, Lanihun Ajayi, Yinka Odumakin, Pastor Tunde Bakare etc joined the train. Then I told my people that the same health challenge which made Yar’adua to leave Nigeria of which Dora Akunyili was mocking him would send her to the grave and it did happen last year. It is an immutable fact, death is inevitable but no matter what we must not mock others of it.

Now Peter Ayodele Fayose was so callous, senseless, destructive when he published on 19 January 2015 in some national dailies including The Punch front page that Muritala, Sanni Abacha, Yar’adua;all from Northwest died in office and so Buhari too at 72 would die in Office if he becomes President forgetting that President Helen Jonhson Sirleaf of Liberia became President of Liberia at 68 years in January 2006 and is still the President till today. However as was glaring in the message of Ayo Fayose as contained in most of his messages, it is just that he hates Muslims if not his quote above would not have been made.

As I pronounced on Charles Soludo and Dora Akunyili, it is hereby decreed in the Mightiest name of the Living God that General Muhammad Buhari would be alive when Peter Ayodele fayose would “suddenly leave the stage for others to live”.




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