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OPINION: The Gbemisola Saraki You Don’t Know By Olawale Rasheed

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Commentaries 0n Ministerial Nominees Excite Some Us Especially When You Are Privileged To Know Many Of The Nominees In Close Quarters. The Choice Of Senator Gbemisola Ruqayah Saraki Is Not A Quotarised Or Beijing Inspired Nomination. Her Emergence Must Have Been Motivated Ed By Sheer Merit by Those Who Know Her Beyond Her Appearance In This World Through ‘Baba Oloye’.

That she has paid her dues is not disputable. Her elegant and productive performance as a lawmaker in both chambers of the National Assembly is till date an eloquent testimony. At times, you have female nominees for the sake of diversity or glittering faces occasioned by fine foundation painting. Many are appointed to lighten up the chamber. It is rare to find those who combined brain and brawn with sterling records in public and political life. Senator Gbemisola Saraki is in a class of her own, fully equipped with applied education, grassroot affiliation, technocratic mind and deeply literary mindset and outlook.

The interesting thing is that many analysts mostly know her as the daughter of late Dr Abubakar Saraki of blessed memory. She is considered a lady born with silver spoon and so largely climbing the ladder out of family goodwill. Yes, she is the richly priced daughter of Dr Saraki. But her attainment today is a product of hardwork and sacrifice. She has faced and confronted tough political battles. In many political wars, she has emerged unscathed. Her resilience and persistence she acquired paternally and developed from years of self -discipline and self-deprivation.

Very few politicians can be considered productive knowledge seeking book lover. How many politicians can boast of a well updated  library that is not gathering dust? To Gbemisola, reading is a culture critical for any well-informed leader or aspiring public official. In those days, she will emphasise the importance of well-informed leader for attainment of good governance.

I once learnt that the senior Saraki mostly deliberately bought political and professional books for her reading preoccupation. In her library, you find many books from the library of the late politician. She actually inherited the library of her late Dad. You won’t be surprised that you find her mostly reading and researching. A very inquisitive mind, she raises intellectual questions, igniting debates and discourse. A dullard cannot stay long in her presence.

She really has the outlook of a truly elegant pretty woman. But her internal make up is deeply intellectual and analytical. Gbemisola is therefore not a mere beauty figure; she is an embodiment of knowledge, professionalism and deep political skill.  She is not a Theresa May but rather a Margret Thatcher, with a mind of steel even as she possesses the dribbling capacity of ex-Prime Minister May.

Her inclusion in the ministerial list should therefore be viewed with the right perspective-a deeply technocratic mind with savvy political skill from entrenched political background. So don’t expect a Gbemisola as a Women Affairs minister. She is best suited for substantive portfolio where her wealth of experience can be deployed in service of the fatherland.

Don’t mind her British accent-she is an efficient, knowledgeable and politically skillful ministerial nominee.

*Olawale Rasheed is the publisher of Sahelstandard.com, reachable on rasheedolawale24@gmail.com


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